Email is the single most effective way to sale your art online.

Struggling to make consistent art sales online?

Then, building your email list is the single most effective way to fix that.

Over the past many years, I’ve grown my email list from 0 to 15,000+ subscribers. Subscribers who've visited my art website, raised their hands, and said, “Yes, I want to hear more about you and your art!”.

But it wasn’t easy…

Every blog post I read and podcast I listened to talked about this mysterious email list. But NO ONE would tell me exactly how to build one.

Finally after months of frustration, I said “Enough is enough!”

So I went into mad scientist experiment mode.

Every time I heard of a new list building strategy I would apply it to my art business, and then measure the results. I repeated this process until I finally found a handful of strategies and tools that worked REALLY well for artists.

This framework has changed my art business for the better.

I went from hearing the **chirp chirp** of crickets every time I tried to sell my art online to having over 3,000 people around the world collect my prints, original art, and other creative products.

I recently created a new 7 day email training called Launch Your Email List.

Inside of the FREE 7-day email training you'll learn the basics of this framework. This is your shortcut to getting on the right path for growing your art business. It's not a bunch of theory, but actual tactics you can implement immediately.

Here's the lessons:

  • DAY 01: 10 Step art sales checklist
  • DAY 02: How to sell your art online (5 Steps)
  • DAY 03: Crushing common myths about selling art online
  • DAY 04: How to drive traffic to your art website
  • DAY 05: Why art sales happen on your email list
  • DAY 06: Steven Spielberg guide to more art
  • DAY 07: A simple way to sell art online

I'll walk with you, show you the basics, and equip you with the tools and techniques you need to build your list.